Friday, May 08, 2015


What is Marketing?,  Market, Product, Customer, Brands, Promotions, Buying and Selling, Service.  Let's say it comes for the value of what your product or services has that rings on the customers heads.

Then, we will have things like Advertising, Customer Behavior, Economic impact, Target markets etc.

Thru the time, Marketing has the power to move the product giving information to the customers or consumers, supported by the provider services and or distribution.

This is almost a Consider as a Science, if you want to move a product you have to understand how your market works, how your customers think and what they are looking,  to structure a strategy that shows the information they want to see about a product in fact.

We will have Relationship Marketing and/or Management, Business Marketing, Industrial Marketing, Societal Marketing and Branding,  the last one it's like your clue to send the message to the customers;  careful, Branding can take to the hole the best ever product.

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