Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Leadership through Emotional Intelligence & Digital Marketing

This article, compared with the others on this blog, will sound a little bit disoriented but let me tell you a thing, how can we have excellent results with digital marketing without an entrepreneur leader? Well, here you will find the answer, keep reading.

There is a strong relationship between Leadership and Digital Marketing, people want to change others people thinking with commercials, implicit and explicit messages, all this digital marketing visual violation manipulating your habits to make you consume products you don’t even know (sometimes), use services you don’t need, etc. I’m not saying this is like a command, but if there’s no structure, the result will never be positive.

 Then, a leader is needed to guide the troop on the right direction but not with commands, inspiring to do it. To change people thinking, we can’t be rational, we have to do it with emotions, and then the rational part will be used to make us feel better. I took this Inspirational training, or master to improve this special handling and know I’m sharing some of it, and the greatest part is, believed or not, the Leadership has a scientific explanation related with our humor, health and personality. There’s an exercise performed during class that call my attention and made me think way far; please take a piece of paper and write, think about a leader, a person, boss, that made you bring the best of you. Think about how you felt about it.

Would you like to work with this person again? Why? What this person did? Then after you have this name, some feelings will come out, moments, experiences, words, maybe you will think about a special one, when this person said something that created in you a huge emotional impact. Did I say EMOTIONAL? Yes, and this is the WHY you remember this moment, because this person treated you like a person, not like a human resource, product or service. This is how we can reach people’s hearts, by giving them beautiful emotions and special moments. Now I will ask you something, are you doing this with your clients and employees?, then I think you have the opportunity to make it better and change people thinking by using mindfulness, inspiring hope and having a little compassion both ways.

 This is not easy, people are not used to be treated like that and even better, not used to treat others like that. It sounds tricky but once you started to create the habit, you will not notice you are doing it until you check the results of your campaigns. People will look after you, and will be hungry to know more about your product, company, and they will find you with a big smile and the answer to their questions.

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