Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Most affordable places to live

Found this playing around, people enjoy knowing about other countries, cultures, religion, etc. I can say the most of the people that visit a foreign country look historic places to spend time.

Well, searching for a living place is kind of difficult as we have to have in mind many aspect.

Let's talk about some USA countries, I found this article at Forbes that ranks some USA countries as the best and worst option for living:

  1. Texas. - Best.
  2. Washington. - Best.
  3. Wyoming. - Best.
  4. Virginia. - Best.
  5. Illinois. - Best.
  6. Michigan. - Best.
  7. Colorado. - Best.
  8. Ohio. - Best.
  9. Delaware. - Best.
  10. Utah. - Best.

To determine the best and worst states to make a living, This website considered average, taxes, cost of living, unemployment, etc..

Take a look to the worst places here.

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