Wednesday, September 16, 2015

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Porno, Hacking Tools, Phishing Stuff, Entertainment Funny Videos, Bloody News, those headlines called your attention ah!, well hope this article help to clean your head and help your community. Marketing its all over the network, selling, ads, media, trying to call your attention and persuade you to buy or consume products from companies you don’t even know exists.  Here will share some questions here that maybe will sounds familiar:

Why #porn does sells so much?  Then get the whole pic, it’s not just the porn it selves, this is the small piece of the cake.  What if I tell you there’s more than beautiful girls selling pleasure over the network, they get paid for their service but the money it’s behind the ads; that’s the why?, you start your own blog, expend time programming some scripts and then post some porn videos; easy way of getting visitors to your blog as our society it’s totally damaged.  Candy off the kid.

What is #Phishing? Some smart guys prefer to foolish some others sending emails, chain emails.  This is an old school practice but it works; For example send a massive email to some friends or people you don’t know masking up the email from the bank or another known entity requesting or providing information, the end user clic on the email and then you get your visitors.

Do you know you can earn some extra money uploading funny videos to your YouTube channel? Well yes fellas, this is possible but you have to have some video edition skills and plenty of time to do it the right way.   Stupid videos like this one clic Drive you to get some visitors but, the money comes only if you have it monetized.

Did you see the Night Crawler movie? I think this movie explain very well the concept.  Chasing gossip news, accidents, street fights, etc… that will make the magic flows thru your blog / page / video channel. also technology destruction. you have to be good on it or you will waste your time and money instead of earning.

Some blogs will provide or gives you some guidance to earn more visitor to your blog.  Easy way / hard way, I can tell, there’s no magic formula you can apply than having good content, writing your own entries with fresh collaborative information and also having some different points of view from the marketing team.

And the most important thing its when you have your people following you have to be a master leader providing good information and successful instructions, then they will keep following you.

Marketing and social media it’s very dynamic, the only thing you will get for real, it’s a change, take it and use it. This is a new Style, this is pretty New, and this is #BrightBolb stuff thanks for reading!.

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