Friday, June 30, 2017

Meat?, why?

Marketing works as it should, creating behaves, conditioning people to do things the trend and the culture want them to do.

So, eating, The must strongest marketing campaign developed to make people eat meat, but not just meat, specially to eat cows, pigs, chicken, turkey, and other animals for some other countries.

Why a cow and not my dog?, Why a chicken and not my cat?.  in fact have you ever eat cat? or Snake?; they taste like chicken.

well, this is the oldest learned behave ever; since we born we are taugh to eat those animals and not others; animals are classified as a domestic or savage, Domestics includes pets as well as the animals we are "allowed" to eat.

This campaign to teach you what to eat or not is in place everywhere and it's inside our bones unless you do your own research and notice you have other options; same thing when trying to buy a car.

I will let you here with this beautiful video to show you the real truth of this behave. Clic

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