Friday, May 08, 2015

Call Center

Call Centers, this is another kind of business that it's blowing heads day by day,  growing so fast and becoming the only income for most of people around the world, special for students.

As we publish before MLM Leads, Network Marketing articles, this one goes for those who already have the net working full capacity, at the end all of this crazy things become into a client service, we will be measuring service levels, incomes, AHT, Abandon calls, etc... also working with recordings, listening to calls to provide an excellent client service.

To do that you need people to get the phone and sale, or maybe just provide a back office service for your customers.  this is clever important!! as people become every day extremely demanding.

This is not the only tip to have in mind as we are working with people, for people and with information that should take care of it, I will mention some words that will rings the big bell:  security, information security, fraud, money, losing customers, changing Lines of business.

So,  with those words in your head think what could happen when you have a call center working with your multilevel business or your network marketing company and a fraud comes to your table;  your life just turn around and become a nightmare.  that's the thing the little thing some times we forget about when starting a business like this one.

CRM it's not just a tool in some cases, it has a meaning,  Customer RelationShip Management, that world means a lot but adding another one that we have to keep on, if you get into this is Employee RelationShip Management. JA! as you will be working with people for people.

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