Friday, May 08, 2015


There's two periods of health from my perspective:

1. the time you eat everything, anytime, anywhere and you never get sick (No GMO, Good food, No Chemicals). kids in shape running all around getting over the trees, riding bikes and playing with plastic toys (No Toxic ones).

2. This time, when you check on calories, expiration dates, sugar %, when you drink the food because you don't have time to sit and eat, and the worse thing,  fat kids, no toys, no bikes, and a lot of electronic devices that kills your life and consume time.

We can say this is intentional,  the pharmacy market expend a lot of money every day looking for medicines to work over symptoms but not the cause, representing this a lot of money back for them but not for you.

MONEY! it's the word, if you don't care about your kids and yourselves, then those companies will will the fight, we have the information on our hands to fight back.  healthy food its not around, we have to look for it or grow it on the back of the house which I prefer because the organic aisle at the supermarket it's the vip one with the highest prices.

Multiple options to have healthy life, multilevel and network marketing companies have the advantage over that,  providing some FDA unapproved product on the field, so be careful on that, not all of them are even registered, get into the FDA website, work as well to show you what you are putting into your body. 

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