Saturday, May 09, 2015

Nike Shox, Adidas Outlet and the High Heels Market.

How the industries are causing a revolution onto our heads, how they treat the human mind to get their trimester goals? well my followers I can tell!, every success company around the word have good people working on night and day to achieve this goal, What? move the product, How? they don't care, When? anytime, Where? mmmm.. that's the clue, where? its the question they put over the table to move their products, it's like when you need to sale computers, for sure you will never point to a market that is looking for shoes.

Well, then I just gave you a gold rule, HWWW or WWHW or WWHW back and forward it's the same, HOW, WHEN, WHERE, WHAT.

Companies like Nike, Adidas, and the monsters of the high heels (anyone), seat everyday thinking about strategies to move their product, this is something they can't do just one day, this is like feeding yourselves but in this case we are talking about money. HA!  this kind of food it's looked for everyone in different manner.

Nike with their Nike Shox, Adidas with their Adidas Outlet and rockport with their High Heels and man's shoes.  I cannot say they are the masters, but they are doing pretty well so far.


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