Saturday, May 09, 2015

Dominican Republic, Cap Cana - Business Center

Dominican Republic, one of the most visited destinies at the Caribbean, special access for business development and preferred as a meeting point of important personalities of the world, presidents, company owners and artist.

Its location give this island an easy access and affordable accommodations to start, work and finish any kind of business.

Call Center industry preferred this country because of the English level produced by the incidence of American culture, since the beginning, this foreign language it’s at schools as a second language to learn and sometimes as a primary one, moving the Spanish to a second place.

Commitment and professionalism collaborate with the culture to deliver special service level at anytime; Dominican Republic has one of the most impressive beaches around the world, good to know is, there’s no dangerous animals like snakes, wolves, spiders, etc..  it means you can go out to the nature and have fun;  the Dominican is considered as an easygoing, kind, and understandable person.

No vaccine it’s required to go to Dominican Republic but the usual, and for some countries visa its needed. 

Food it’s delicious, you have to try the local candy as well as the common Rise, Beans, Meat, sweet plantains and avocado, for breakfast the smashed green plantains with onion and fried eggs. 

From Monday to Friday will find at strings the famous “drinks”, where you can find any alcoholic drink to have at the parking place; something that called my attention driving around was the Drink Drive Thru, El Trompo, la Culvita, places where you can buy your drink without getting off your car.

This country it’s beautiful, full of amazing people and charming places.

If someday you go there, visit Punta Cana, Bavaro, Cabarete, Barahona, Constanza, Bahia de las Aguilas, Samana, Juan Dolio.  I have no words to describe the experience.

Main Airports:
  1. Santiago, DR (STI)
  2. Puerto Plata, DR (POP)
  3. Punta Cana, DR (PUJ)
  4. Santo Domingo, DR (SDQ)
Got this names from JetBlue

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