Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Power of Sharing and RT

I Decided to express myself here and SHARE the idea with my readers.

Share, what happen when you share?, this is important to know!, sharing information it's not what you think it is.  For a common user (FB, Twitter, G+, etc..) share its just pass the information to your friends on your circle of life, but! Guess what?, people like me and other writers see this like spreading the word, reach the world in a second, maybe it's the glory for us 1min 30sec.

What exactly happen when you share or RT our stories? you give visibility to our post to the users we don't see and then your users share and RT as well and this create a chain reaction of sharing and RT. Beautiful isn't it?.

One post, 5 Shares in a row its enough for people like me and others that spend time searching important topics to share
. This is important, also I recommend to follow people or channels that post the information you want to see, then if its interesting don't be shy, share, you will give support to your favorite blogger sharing and RT, as well as your favorite product or brand.

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