Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Coaching, Leadership - Definition and hints.

We will have multiple definitions for this beautiful word, then we will try to get it the easy way for all of you.

We have 3 definitions, Standard, with compassion and for compliance.   a standard definition would be "Coaching is about helping people and the relationship to them"; and I would like to have two others separated:

- For compliance: This is as the name itself, for compliance we help people to reach some goals that we want them to get for a reason, we don't keep their personal ideal itself in mind, we do not use any mindfulness, or compassion threat to lead them on the progress to the goal.

- With Compassion: We develop a relationship with the person, we do care about the person and their personal goals, if there's a bad relationship we rebuild it with positive emotions, using mindfulness, hope, and compassion.  this is beyond the empathy and understanding.

Some hints to have in mind when coaching, no matter what type:

- Coaching Relationships the coach is in tune with or in sync with the person.

- Involve the experience of hope, compassion and mindfulness.

- Arouses context, meaning and hope.

- Care about others, Empathy, Understanding.

- Appear to be authentic, transparent, genuine, and act with integrity.

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