Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Internet, Direct Marketing on the Web

Quick refresh on those questions people keep asking themselves,  Digital Marketing, Social Media, those two are the strongest tools used to build your business strategy, to become a real problem or a real awesome sales lead.

  • What is meant by Internet marketing?
    • Many people define this as a digital strategy, let's go basic, how would you define marketing?, this is a business strategy used to promote, then Digital Marketing has the same meaning, applied on a different field.
  • What is a digital and direct marketing?
    • Known very well as DDM, is the same digital business strategy but focused, with a specific and individual target.  this one is used to send information to an specific recipient, usually uses emails, websites, etc..
  • What is marketing on the web?
    • this is one of the beauties, Marketing on the Web refers to online Marketing, advertising using a website, emails, eCommerce with the intention to sale, create leads, business.
The information it's spread all around, just look for it, read, ask, share, leads are just around the corner. 

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