Sunday, March 12, 2017

Raspberrypi and Digital Marketing

A few month ago I started a research about this beauty small piece of tech and I'm charmed with its results; so awesome that I'm sharing my experience with you.

Lot's of online marketers look forward to have a lot of traffic drive to their pages, I'll rephrase that; their strategy it's base on traffic --> product or brand.

so I started looking for something that allows me (Cost free) to automate some process I follow every day and then I knew this programming language PYTHON.

we have two tech pieces here, the RASPBERRYPI and PYTHON. I build some scripts (I'm not a master) to automate tasks like reading my favorite news streamers, save the information to a database and then process the info lately.

After a couple of days I found some add-ons that allows me to read twitter post, update status and so on.  FANTASTIC.

I do encourage you to find out how you can automate your days using a raspberrypi and python, you can use it while you are out for work or maybe sharing with your family.

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