Thursday, May 28, 2015

Warranty - Car Recalls

The big strong and healthy car industry its almost entire recalling models because of the airbags.  Now it’s not Toyota the only one, now come BMW, Chrysler, Honda and Fiat.  Well, lets say all the brands that uses the Takata Corp airbag system.  There’s nothing exclusive this days!.

This came out when this company said the number of vehicles affected was 53 million! WHAT!

Yes, we are facing the biggest call recall ever!.  This is how I call a big white and square egg!,  34Millions are in US; as BBC said on its post the issue with this airbag its when exposed to too much moisture, can explode.  Here comes the question of the million dollars, how they figure this out?, they think this is related to six deaths, all in Honda models.

After that they recalled around 690 cars between US and Japan. This is crazy but things like that believe it or not sometimes affect the stock prices but this is not the case. 


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