Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Branding - Digital Marketing

We are very exited about brands and how they build their strategies to remain into our minds, pushing customers, consumers to go over and acquire all their products.

for a Marketing Manager there's no better feeling than hear from people talking about their brand; imagine you build Shaving Blades and your brand name is TigerBlade, you have done a good job as a MM if you ask customers about a Shaving Blade and the first one that comes out their mouth is TigerBlade.

This is a very hard work, make that seed growup into the customers its a wonderful delicated job that takes time, involving passion, deditation and commitment, this is how you reach the excellence with your brand.

So, here I share a beautiful list, the most Valuable brands around the world by Forbes, Hope you enjoy playing and commenting about it. Clic

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